Meticulously hand-crafted custom sconces are the Sconce Queen’s specialty! Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Image of Dale Jenssen sconce, Rumbaut1-edit


Custom Sconce, verde patina copper and powder-coated steel, @ 20″ long
One of 14 sconces, all different, made for a client in 2016

20” x 6” x 4”



Flight Path

Copper, brass, galvanized steel, glass globs, misc.

45” x 30” x 11”



Cicada Sconce

Glass street lamp lens, copper sheet, wire, and mesh, brass, light bulbs.
Story: The client approached me with his drawing of this and asked if I could made it . . . ”yes!” I currently have enough lenses in stock to create 2 more of these.

48” x 20” x 11”


image of Art Work by Dale Jenssen

Cloud Sconce

Copper, brass and galvanized steel. I’ve done a number of these in different sizes and metal variations. . . Want one? Please contact us!

20’ x 15” x 8”

Starting at $425


Custom Sconce

Painted steel, copper, brass, acrylic, glass globs, beads, misc. found items.

16” x 16” x 9”

Starting at $525