Metal Finishes

The Sconce Queen offers a variety of metal finishes for her sconces and other decorative metal work. Most of her designs can be ordered in a number of finish combinations. Dale recommends contacting her when placing a special order to confirm your choices, their appropriateness for your project, and any additional charges that may (or may not) be associated with them.


Metal Information:

Most sconces incorporate 1 to 3 copper and or brass sections, and 1 that is powder-coated.


Copper and/or brass sections:

Please know that all copper and/or brass patinas are hand-applied. While the Sconce Queen works hard to make patinas finishes consistent, variations often occur and an exact match cannot be guaranteed. All finishes are sealed with two coats of a high quality satin lacquer. While the lacquer is extremely durable, in time it may eventually wear off, especially on exterior fixtures. When this happens the metals will naturally darken or become mottled, as is their nature.


Powder-coated sections:

All powder-coated finishes are reliably consistent and incredibly durable. In exterior fixtures the finish will eventually dull down some, but should remain strong, barring direct damage.



Pictures coming soon!!!



Torch: A heat finish with variety of mottled copper colors running through it ranging from yellow, to deep copper, to brown, and occasionally with hints of pink, blue, and/or purple.

Fire: A torch finish sometimes involving 2 or more heating sessions. This results in a rich and varied surface of reds, coppers, browns and sometimes black. Because this process softens (anneals) the copper, the pieces are also hammered to work-harden them, resulting in further surface interest.



Clear/bright: straight brass color, brushed surface, no patinas.

Black: extremely dark, sometimes with slight brown overtones.


Copper and Brass

Verde: a green to green/turquoise color, occasionally with small areas of copper (or brass) and/or rust and/or dark gray colors.

Aged: darkened to a warm brown; sometimes mottled.

Stenciled/stamped: the metal is stenciled with one or more patterns and stamps are used to apply accent patinas for a really unusual finish.


Powder-coated finishes

Hammered Copper-vein: Used in most of Dale’s stock sconces, this finish has a numbly texture with black and copper colors. The over-all effect is a dark bronze.

Black Jack: A really nice, slightly textured, matte black…. see ‘May Sconce’ 

Caribe Blue: A little more green than blue, this has a satin finish in a fab color…. See ‘Sunset Sconce’. 

Many other colors are available! If you want something unusual, contact Dale.