“In all my work I strive to unite stylish design and function with beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.”

Image of artist, Dale Jenssen

Born into a family of talented artisans, Jenssen came naturally to working with her hands. She loves materials or all kinds, and needs to constantly create. The result is a prolific assortment of lighting, furnishings, jewelry, mosaic tile, and wearable art. Of late, her designs most strongly reflect her affection, and some nostalgia, for the mid-century design esthetic of her youth.

Jenssen works primarily in metal. Copper and brass elements are meticulously cut, textured and patinated using various chemicals with both hot and cold application techniques. When finished, they are sealed with several coats of an acrylic lacquer and, on occasion, receive additional coats of paste-wax. Wood elements are stained and sealed or painted.

Dale Jenssen attended the University of Massachusetts and the Glassell School of Art in Houston. There she learned basic jewelry techniques, and spent 3 years as the ceramics studio lab assistant. In 1996, a friend invited her to make sconces for a B&B he was building. Jenssen proceeded to teach herself sheet metal and welding skills and has been making distinctive sconces and architectural elements that incorporate metal ever since.